Yohaku Aroma Oils
Yohaku Aroma Oils

Yohaku Aroma Oils

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Aroma Oils by Yohaku

A soothing selection of Yohaku aroma oils that will instantly transport you to a relaxing state. Available in five scents:

  • Sunrise is a woody citrus aroma for a time that passes quietly, as morning light shines on the dew of plants and the forest mist. Scent notes include bergamot, lemon, and Japanese mint (top); artemisia and mimosa (middle); cedarwood (last)
  • Hinoki is a cypress oil from Mie, Japan that stands out for its freshness and transparency
  • Monk Tree is a woody floral aroma for a time that passes by like a morning slumber, cleansing the body and mind. Scent notes include bergamot and frankincense (top); geranium and hinoki wood (middle); cedarwood and sandalwood (last)
  • Moon Jazz is a sophisticated floral amber aroma for a comfortable quality time of peace and tranquility.  Scent notes include lavender and yuzu (top); geranium, rose, and jasmine (middle); tonka bean and coffee (last)
  • Hayes Valley is a nostalgic woody amber aroma for a warm time when the sun moves quietly and lazily through the sky.  Scent notes include mandarin and Kusunoki wood (top); patchouli and hay (middle); cedarwood and tonka bean (last)

Pour an appropriate amount of oil into a diffuser and enjoy the aroma. Do not touch aroma oil directly on your skin. Inedible, keep out of reach of children and pets. Also, keep away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity.

Each aroma oil contains 10ml (.34 oz) and is sold individually. 

Made out of 100% naturally derived ingredients and packaged in a recycled glass bottle.

Measures about 3" tall x 1" wide