Wildsam Field Guide: Austin
Wildsam Field Guide: Austin

Wildsam Field Guide: Austin

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Wildsam Field Guide : Austin by Taylor Bruce

The gateway to the American West. Home to cosmic cowboys and pit bosses, Silicon Hills and Barton Springs. It’s a place famous for the offbeat, the wide-open, a frontier disregard for the norm. Far more than weird, its sense of possibility feels a part of the limestone strata, cut long before taglines and tee shirts. You feel this independent vibe everywhere, from taco trailers to neon shops to live music every night of the year. As hotelier Liz Lambert says, “If you grow up in Texas, and you’re a little different, all roads lead to Austin.”

Local stories, travel intel and modern lore, including:

• A map of the city's top barbecue joints

• Our bests list of coffee, hotels and weekend plans

• Interviews with an architect, soul singer, chef and more

• Where to find the top swimming holes

• Essays from award winning writers and journalists

• Three decades of Death Row final statements

• An ode to the late, great Doug Sahm

• Words from Lyndon Johnson about his hometown

• The best places for queso, mezcal, late night steak frites and more


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