Rainbow Crayon Stix
Rainbow Crayon Stix

Rainbow Crayon Stix

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Original Rainbow Crayon Stix are the perfect crayon for toddlers, artists, and the young at heart. With their large size, making first marks on the paper has never been so easy!

Perfect for your travel bag or on tables because they are chunky and won’t roll, gone are the trips out to eat with crayons falling on the floor. Bring a pack of Crayon Stix and you will have all the colors you need to play your favorite game of tic-tac-toe and doodle away your wait.

Set of 4 Crayon Stix

Shrink-wrapped with kraft band

Measures approximately 4″ in length and 5/8″ thickness

Colors will vary

Made from recycled crayons

Please note that these are our original design and hand-poured. The back side will not be smooth like the front and sides due to the handmade nature and how the wax settles and cools. The groove that forms in the back makes the crayon perfect for little hands practicing their grip!