Japan Dry Garden Incense Cylinders

Japan Dry Garden Incense Cylinders

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Japan Dry Garden Incense Cylinders by Tennen

Made in Kyoto, this incense is inspired by the experience of walking among the rocks, moss, sand and streams of a Japanese dry garden.

Mountain Stone – a quiet blend of weathered sandalwood

Fallen Blossom – a fresh gardenia paired with green notes

Wandering Moss – an earthy mix of oakmoss and cedar

Use for meditation, relaxation, stress reduction, massaging, reading, yoga, and bathing.

To use, place in an incense holder, light tip, gently blow out flame once tip is red and enjoy.

Contains 100 sticks per cylinder. Each stick is 2.75 inches long with an approximate burn time of 15+ minutes. 

 4" h x 1.75" d