Hasami Porcelain Wooden Lid/Coaster

Hasami Porcelain Wooden Lid/Coaster

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Wooden Lid and Coaster by Hasami Porcelain

A part of the Hasami Porcelain Collection, the Hasami Wooden Lid is a perfect complement to the collection’s porcelain pieces. Transforming into a lid or coaster. Hasami's wooden lids were designed with uniform diameters for easy stacking and multi-use.

Inspired by the Japanese Tradition of Tiered boxes, Hasami Porcelain is made with function and form in mind. Each piece is created using methods of Japanese porcelain manufacturing dating back over 400 years. Hasami Porcelain is made from a proprietary blend of clay and crushed stone from the historical village of Hasami in the Nagasaki prefecture of Japan. Created to be durable, stain resistant, and individually unique.

Made in Japan

1" h x 3.5" d

Lid sold separately, shown with Hasami mug as example of how to use as a lid.