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Glass German Water Kettle

Glass German Water Kettle

$ 49.00

Heat-resistant glass tea kettle with lid. Spout designed to catch drips. Can be placed directly on stove top. Instructions for use printed directly on kettle. 

Made in Germany. 

Product holds 60 fl. oz. 

Dimensions: 6.5" h x 8.7" w x 6.5" d

Use and care:

Water kettle can be used on gas or electric stove. Use only for water-based liquids. Kettle and lid made of heat resistant glass with white print. Heat resistant up to 300°C (570°F).

Glass is microwave safe. Glass does not release any materials - ideal for allergy sufferers. Glass does not change color and is easy to clean, hand wash or dishwasher safe. No sudden changes of temperature, note to let cool before placing in refrigerator. Be careful of the handle when picking up the kettle after water has boiled.