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Birdseye Maple Spreader

Birdseye Maple Spreader

$ 14.00

Birdseye Maple Spreader by Edward Wohl. 

The Birdseye Maple Spreader is beautiful with the cutting board or on its own. Handy for any spreadable items such as jam, butter, soft cheese. The spreader is sanded to perfection and makes spreading a joy.

Edward's work is known for its masterful design, seamless joinery and liquid-smooth finish. "I make things of wood that I'd like to have myself: functional pieces that are quiet, peaceful, and a pleasure to touch and look at. My approach emphasizes select materials, structural integrity and utility. I like to let the wood do the work -to coax nature to imitate art."

With his family, Edward has made his home and workplace among the pastoral hills and valleys of southwestern Wisconsin.

Material: Birdseye Maple

Dimensions: 7 1/2" x appx. 1"

Care: Oil frequently and never put in a dishwasher